Chris Bertelson
Senior Technology Specialist
Madison County, Iowa

We offer lecture style training that is Informative, Lively and Entertaining!

This unique, concentrated training covers 3 hours of material in 90 minutes. 

If you are a busy person who can’t spend all day in a dull computer class, this training is for you!  A handy tip sheet that lists mouse clicks and keystrokes for features covered is included with each class so students can focus on the material and not on taking notes.
A twelve year veteran of Microsoft Corporation, Chris Bertelson's focus was on presenting and training with Microsoft Office.  Now he travels the country doing training for Microsoft and other Corporate customers.  Many say this is the fastest 90 minutes of their week. 
His “90 Tips in 90 Minutes” classes are available for the following products:

    • Microsoft Windows 7 Tips & Tricks - 60 minutes
    • Microsoft Office 2010 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Microsoft Office 2007 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Microsoft Office 2003 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Microsoft OneNote 2003 - 45 Tips in 45 Minutes              
    • Outlook 2007- 2000 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Excel 2007- 2000 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Advanced Excel 2000 - 2002  (2 hours)
    • Excel Pivot Tables 2002, 2003 (1 hour)
    • Word 2007 - 2000 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • PowerPoint 2007 - 2000 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Access 2003, 2002, 2000 - 90 Tips in 90 Minutes
    • Microsoft Windows XP & Office XP
    • Windows 2000
Here's what customers are saying about this training:
I really enjoyed learning about the new features of Microsoft Office 2007.  I consider myself a power user even though I have had no formal training.  I was afraid I would have to take a lot of time to learn the new interface, but what I saw yesterday got me excited about wanting to try out the new features for myself. - San Diego

This was a wonderful introduction to SharePoint.  Mr. Bertelson could teach anything. His humor hidden in the examples and his skill in presenting the material is exceptional – it is college level MIT. He reminds me of my best professors. - Baltimore

I wanted to personally thank you for yesterday's session.  I've taken routine 4 hour classes on various software products and have come away with only 2 or 3 things.  In less than 90 minutes, I circled 28 items that I'm going back try. The intense pace and your subtle humor kept my attention.  The classes I've taken in the past were so slow and time consuming, they were dreaded.  I really enjoyed the presentation, you kept it simple, fast, to the point and funny. 
Thank you.  - Arizona

Chris,  Thanks a million!  I attended a 90 minutes session in May, and this was one of my best spent 90 minutes this year!  You’ve managed to compress a great deal of information into the limited time slot.  - Michigan

As an administrative assistant to a very busy executive, I seldom have the opportunity set aside whole days, or even half days, for training sessions – particularly when I only need to glean a few new features of updated tools with which I’m already familiar.  The 90 minutes session at the end of the day was perfect! - San Francisco

Your style of instruction was very effective and pleasant.  I have left a recommendation with our IS management to work to present many more of your training sessions into our annual training schedule.  Thanks for fitting us into your schedule on short notice! 
Say hello to Iowa! - Boston

Chris, thanks so much for the presentation this morning, I actually learned more in those 45 minutes than I did in 2 hours, trying to navigate around the new program myself.  Thanks again for a wonderful presentation!! - Chicago

Hello Chris, I was fortunate to attend yesterdays "90 tips in 90 minutes" for our company- admins yesterday.  Wow!  Excellent presentation and your communication to the attendees was superb.  A unique style indeed. I just wanted to take a moment to "thank you" for such a great job. I came away with so much more. - Kansas City

I just wanted to thank you for your Office tips class I came to recently at my firm.  Usually, training classes help a little bit here and a little bit there, but I have never experienced anything like yesterday where one huge block of time was saved because of training I took. I needed to compile and summarize a huge file of messy data with thousands of entries and a whole lot of potential manual manipulations, I was able to use a Pivot Table twice and save myself at least 6-8 hours of work.  
I have never seen anything like it.  Thanks again! - Indianapolis

  • "This was the fastest 90 minutes of my week" - Tampa
  • "I so enjoyed your session yesterday. It was lively,
    humorous, and Extremely informative. Worth my time." - Dallas
  • "One of the best. Do more!" - Atlanta
  • "Excellent Show & Tell Methodology. Do it more often!" - Austin
  • "Very good - effective speaker, the best computer presentation I have attended."
  • "Great use of humor, good speaking voice" - Sacramento
  • "Excellent - Loved the Fast Pace" - Chicago
  • "Excellent. Very Concise, interesting and useful" - Phoenix
  • "So far the best presentation I ever had." - Kansas City
  • "Great info, learned a lot!" - Tulsa
  • "This class should be mandatory for everyone!" - Minneapolis